Jackie's Thoughts
September 04, 2004
Hi Long time no blog hehe
I have been doing alot of stuff i got in to a course in telecommunications and passed so now i am a call centre operator!!
yay to me
I kitten is getting so bigg so fast.
I am happy were i am at the moment!

April 29, 2004
I just got a new fan, thermaltake muticolour flashing case fan, for my computer now I have 3 fans the muti colour flash, a muticolour and a black one. and I have a red cold cathode light.
I also got a kitten finally, it's grey and white and it's name is Harry "Hazza" Houdini. It's only seven weeks old.
And I am going to ALPA on Saturday< "http://www.alpa.com.au">
Okay BYE
April 21, 2004
I now have a rabbit to look after, Okay this rabbit is paralyzed in it's back legs and I have to look after and stuff. It's grey and cute and it's name is Thumper like in the movie "Bambi". The rabbit belongs to friend of mine and she hasn't go the space to keep it so I am stuck with it. Don't get me wrong I love animals but I didn't want a rabbit at the moment I want a kitten. I love cats and kittens and I'd love to have a pet cat but the only problem is that our landlord wont let us have a pet:( So I guess I'm Stuck with this rabbit I guess a pet is better than no pet at all, But a paralyzed pet rabbit come on even I can do better than that.
Any who gotta go
See Ya
April 14, 2004
My name is Jackie (handle: Speedy_Jackie) and I am a pretty easy going Aussie gal with an interest in computers and computer hardware.
I have been around computers since I was 8 years old and I even started on the old amstrads (tape drive and all) slowly I moved through all of the technology until now I own a AMD Duron 850Mhz with 192Mb of ram. Yes it shit I know
But I am planning to upgrade soon to a AMD Athlon XP 2600Mhz (big jump hey) with 512Mb ram in June or as soon as I can save up the money
For all you single guys out there yes I do have a boy friend his name is jay and we're about to celebrate own 2nd year anniversary. He is one of the sweetest guys I know and I am lucky to have him as my boyfriend.
See you
This is my first try a Blogging or writing in a diary for that matter. I am a 19yold Aussie gal